30 minutes inside the mind of 8-time entrepreneur Steve Blank

Originally posted on VentureBeat:

It’s a fortunate man who can blow through $35 million one week, only to be offered $12 million the next.

For serial entrepreneur Steve Blank, this story sums up the ethos of Silicon Valley. The day he experienced the most monumental failure of his career, upon the demise of Rocket Science Games back in 1997, Blank bumped into an old friend at a Palo Alto coffee shop.

“His first words to me were, ‘Steve, when do you start your next company?’” Chuckling, he added, “Where else do you hear that?”

Instead of going into hiding to nurse his bruised ego, Blank did what he usually does. He started another company. Epiphany, an enterprise software tool for marketers. He took Epiphany to an initial public offering in the height of the dotcom boom, then netted $329 million for the company in 2005, when it was acquired.

“Here in Silicon Valley, a failed…

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