Microsoft isn’t slowing Yammer down: Major update adds Hootsuite integration, IM, & more

Originally posted on VentureBeat:


When Microsoft bought Yammer for $1.2 billion, concerns arose that the enterprise social network might lose some of its innovative spirit. But today Yammer has pushed back on that idea with the announcement of several big updates, including a new “inbox” that prioritizes conversations, a real-time messaging interface, and integrations with Hootsuite and seven other services.

“People were wondering if we would keep up our pace of innovation after the Microsoft acquisition,” Yammer cofounder and CTO Adam Pisoni told VentureBeat. “The answer is yes.”

The first parts of today’s announcement are updates to the main Yammer interface. The biggest interface change is the new Inbox. The Inbox replaces Private Messages on the right side but offers more functionality. In the Inbox, you can prioritize your messages, follow and unfollow conversations, send and reply to private messages, and search across your Inbox.

“The Inbox makes it possible to track conversations…

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