The Kevin Rose reboot: Our first look at Google’s newest VC

Originally posted on VentureBeat:

“I want to find the next Facebook when it’s just Mark Zuckerberg.”

That statement from Kevin Rose pretty much sums up his life’s ambition these days. The Diggnation poster boy of yore is gone, and a young VC ravenous for the Next Big Thing has taken his place.

Like anyone who’s spent the majority of his adult life online and in some degree of limelight, he’s had to do a lot of maturation in the public eye, and the result of this is a thick skin and an accurate assessment of what he brings to the table.

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I’m meeting Rose in a tea shop. Tea is part of his iconography. The shop we’re meeting at even has a “Kevin Rose Collection” of the young entrepreneur’s favorite teas.

The Kevin Rose Chronicles

2008: As Digg grew, users revolted and purchase offers came…

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