The official name of an Ubuntu release is “Ubuntu X.YY” with X representing the year (minus 2000) and YY representing the month of eventual release within in that year.
For example :
Ubuntu’s first release, made in 2004 October (10th month) was Ubuntu 4.10. Since the actual release date is not known until it’s ready and humans tend to prefer names rather than numbers, a set of codenames are used by developers and testers during the buildup to a release.


The final version of Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin) is not out yet, but the release schedule for the upcoming Ubuntu 12.10 operating system has been published on the Ubuntu Wiki.

Even if the codename for Ubuntu 12.10 has not been chosen yet, we already have the release schedule on our hands. The final version of Ubuntu 12.10 will see the light of day on October 18th, 2012.

For Ubuntu 12.10, the Ubuntu developers decided to modify the release schedule, again, to three Alpha versions and two Beta releases. Without further introduction, here is the official release schedule for Ubuntu 12.10:

June 7th, 2012 – Alpha 1 release
June 28th, 2012 – Alpha 2 release
August 2nd, 2012 – Alpha 3 release
September 6th, 2012 – Beta 1 release
September 27th, 2012 – Beta 2 release
October 18th, 2012 – Final release of Ubuntu 12.10

Keep in mind that this is a draft release schedule and can be changed anytime.

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