These are some of the SEO terms which I think you might be interested. :

Absolute Link : a link that displays the full path of a website URL that is linked to.

Adsense: Googles  contextual advertising network.

Adwords: Googles advertisement and link auction network.

Alt Attribute: the description text that is associated with an image.

Analytics: the statistics and metrics used to measure and analyze a website performance.

Anchor Text: the text that is clicked on to activate and follow a hyperlink to another web page.

Backlink: a link to a website.

Black Hat: a term used to describe any SEO techniques utilized to manipulate the search engines.

Blog: short for web log, a blog is a website that is typically used as a publicly accessible personal journal for an individual.

Click Through Rate (CTR): the number of clicks on a link, as a percentage of the number of views of the link. (( # of clicks / # of views ) x 100)

Cloaking: a black-hat SEO technique that manipulates search engines by displaying spe cific content served up to the search engine spider that is different then what the normal surfer sees.

Conversion Rate: metric to evaluate the effectiveness of a conversion effort the number of visitors who took the desired action divided by the total number of visitors in a given time period.

Cost Per Click (CPC): the amount an advertiser pays an ad host each time a visitor clicks on the advertisers link. (see Pay Per Click)

Cost Per Thousand (CPM): the cost per thousand people viewing an ad or listing.

Crawl: the action of search engines traversing through the Internet while updating their database of websites.

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