Below are some of the common terms for SEO :

Delisting: the removal of a web page from a search engines results.

Description Meta Tag: a meta tag describing the content of the web page.

Directory: a search site whose index is compiled by human editors.

Domain Name Server (DNS): a computer that translates human-friendly URLs (words) into computer-friendly IP addresses.

External Link: a link from another website that links to yours.

Google: the most used search engine in the world today, also known as the Big G.

HTML: Hypertext Markup Language is the set of markup symbols inserted into a file intended for display on a World Wide Web browser page. Index: a search engines database, consisting of all the web pages it has crawled and recorded.

Internal Link: a link that exists and links to other web pages within your website.

Keyword: the word(s) or phrase(s) a person types into a search box.

Keyword Density: a formula to determine the frequency a keyword is displayed on a web page. The formula is the total number of words in al keyword mentions divided by the total number of words on a page. Keywords should fall between 2 and 8 % density. (see keyword stuffing)

Keyword Meta Tag: a meta tag listing the main keywords and keyphrases that are contained on that web page.

Keyword Stuffing: a blackhat technique to manipulate search engines by overly displaying a keyword or keyphrase, unnecessarily.

Landing Page: the destination page a visitor arrives when clicking on a link.

Link Bait: a technique to acquire external links generated by creating a useful piece of content material that is worth y of linking back to your site.

Link Spamming: a black hat technique used to generate and acquire bogus external links to manipulate search engine rankings.

Long Tail: a term given for a group of keywords that is more targeted (example: dogs vs. brown male shih tzus)

M?Meta Tag: are html elements used to provide structured metadata about a web page.

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