Some other SEO terms :

One Way Link: an external link that does not require your website to link back to that site.

Outbound Link: a link from your website to an external website.

On-Page: relates to SEO factors that are internal to a web-pages source code.

Off-Page: relates to SEO factors that are external to a web-pages source code.

Organic Traffic: traffic generated as a result of being indexed within a search engine (vs. paid traffic).

PageRank: Googles indicator of a particular pages value.

Paid Traffic: traffic generated as a result of using paid advertisements (vs. organic traffic).

Pay Pe r Click (PPC): the amount an advertiser pays an ad host each time a visitor clicks on the advertisers link. (see Cost Per Click)

Rank: the position of a web page within a search engine.

Reciprocal Link: a link from a website that links back to your site, in exchange for linking to that website.

Robots File: A text file placed in a sites root directory that instructs search engine spiders to ignore certain pages or directories. Some spiders respect these instructions, others disregard them.

Sandbox: a theory that refers to a time probationary period that a website must go through.

Search Engine: A site or software that allows Internet users to search a database of web pages, documents and other information on the web. The most popular search engines are Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

SEO: Search Engine Optimization the planning and adjusting of the content of a web page in order to improve its position in natural, organic search results, including m odifications to code and displayed content.

SEM: Search Engine Marketing any marketing activity involving a search site, including advertising on search result pages, paying for placement.

SERP: Search Engine Result Page, the page that display the results of a search.

Sitemap: a file created in XML format that helps search engine spiders distinguish the structure of your website and instructs them how often to crawl certain pages on your website (not to be confused with an HTML sitemap).

SMO: Social Media Optimization

Spider: a piece of code (packet) that is sent out from a search engine to crawl the web to build and edit its search engine database.

URI: uniform resource indicator refers to a link that is one deeper than the websites home/index page. (example:

URL: universal resource locator a general term referring to a website link.

White Hat: a term used to describe SEO techniques that adheres t o proper and acceptable on-page and off-page optimization.

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