Nice fireworks and skilly captured. Great Job

Montreal in Pictures

July 7 2012

If you read last Saturday’s post you will know that the International Fireworks competition is underway here in Montreal. To recap, the International des Feux Loto-Quebec competition consists of 8 teams from around the world being invited to present a choreographed pyrotechnic display lasting 30 minutes. The competition runs until August 3rd with the finale being a tribute to the band Queen.

With last week’s Japanese spectacular opening show setting the bar pretty high for the other teams, I was keen to see what Switzerland would produce tonight. This is the fifth time a team from Switzerland has participated, but the first for the Sugyp fireworks team. For the 28th edition of L’International they had selected to present a flight themed show called Aéro-Folies, choreographed to the music of movies, cult shows and science-fiction classics.

For tonight’s show, I decided to view from the Old Port again. I…

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