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5 Historical Financial Crises That Make This One Look Posh

In case you weren’t aware, America’s kind of in a bad spot, moneywise. The national debt is at almost $17 trillion, which is more than America’s GDP. America, right now, is like the kid who takes seven advances on his allowance to purchase Pokémon cards, except his parents have recently lowered his credit score to reflect a history of spending and repayment issues.

Things may seem bad now, but crying over our current financial troubles is like crying over a misplaced staple compared to…

#5: In My Day, Greeks had a Damned Good Excuse for Their Economic Catastrophes

Before the euro, there was the drachma. The Greek drachma traces its history back thousands of years, and both real and fictional persons have appeared on its face. You’d think with thousands of years of history, the drachma would be pretty…

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