Ancient Ohio – Observations On Sacred Territory

Morning Warm Up


Last week my son had “Ancient Ohio” camp which centered around teaching grade school kids about the Ancient Native American “Hopewell” cultures that lived in Ohio – various peoples who populated the Middle Eastern section of the U.S. and built mounds for purposes that appear to have been astronomical, ceremonial and social . I can’t claim to be an expert, I learned a number of new things last week about the history and sites.


This camp involved a lot of driving, they met at Flint Ridge, where Native Americans had quarries of beautiful flint which they turned into tools and arrowheads. They also met at the Newark Earthworks, a two square mile park between the highway 79 and Hebron Rd. in Newark, Ohio. These earthworks are about 2,000 years old and form mostly geometric patterns that in the 1800’s were 4 sq miles. Another part of this group is now a couple…

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