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I mean: is Occupy now one year old?  Is it still around?  Is it unified?

A year ago on September 17, the Occupation of Zuccotti Park began, with a beautiful poster and far less participation and promise than it soon showed.  Journalists and activists want to make sense of what’s left now that the Occupations are gone.  There will be commemorations and evaluations everywhere.  (I participated in one yesterday at Marketplace;  the 20 minute interview condensed to 5-7, which is how these things go.)

Most evaluations are unlikely to be very optimistic.  Occupations across the United States–and around the world, were surprising, very visible, disruptive, and unpredictable.  The organization was confusing to outsiders, and the goals of the occupations were hard to pin down, not the least because activists differed in both their ultimate objectives and in their visions of how to achieve them.  Occupations saw their diversity as a…

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