Facebook recognizes your face, but what about your privacy?


Facebook Malware: What’s To Be Done?

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Help and LadderFacebook has been the target of cybercrime for some time now, largely because…well, it’s a big target, easy to hit, and not protected. A big target because there are 500 million Facebook users who regularly fire up their computers and spend time on the Facebook.com site. Easy to hit because most Facebook users are, on average, very social, friendly, trusting, and not particularly aware of the perils of cybercrime. See Facebook Ranked #1 Riskiest Social Media Application: Internet déjà vu? And because the malware threats are “presented” to the user in a different form than the norm, most anti-malware programs don’t expose them.

That being said, I ask “What’s to be done?” to reduce the malware and make Facebook, and other social networking sites, safer for their users?

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