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Times are bad, if you are finding free stuffs online, maybe you might try searching these 4 sites :

(1) Ebay :
 eBay is an auction site, but it also includes a robust classifieds site. However, it also has a section for free items. Just look into Free Stuff category.

(2) Craigslist :
 Craigslist is an online classifieds.Its sales section is very popular. The sale section contains a link called ” free” . this is where you can find the free stuff.

(3) Freecycle.org
Sometimes you throw stuff which is still it is perfectly usable . Large number of people are using local Freecycle sites to find a good home for their useful castoffs.

(4) Freenapkin
 Everything on this site is free.It is just structured like a classifieds but postings has to be free.